It can be hard keeping up appearances, am I right?!

As an ex-performer myself, I know first hand the struggles of keeping an “up-to-date” portfolio! So I have designed you three very different, yet very affordable packages to suit you during any phase of your career and help keep you looking your best all year long! (Oh and I wont break your bank account in the process! #Winning!)

So whatever your forte, whether you’re a dancer, musician, aerial performer, actor, singer, presenter, YOU NAME IT! Let’s go take some photos.


“I absolutely loved shooting with Lori.
she made me feel so comfortable and confident in front of the camera, AND Not only did SHE take some amazing photos but she also helped me with MY outfits!
I honestly can’t wait to work with Lori again. she has given me some of my favourite photos ever while empowering me and making me feel amazing!”