Hi, I’m Lori!

I live in St Albans, Hertfordshire, and most days - when I’m not clicking away behind the camera! - you’re likely to find me hiding in a local cafe (I have a few favourite spots that I work through on rotation), but if I’m not out ordering endless amounts of coffee and having somebody else make my “basic breakfast” that morning (hello avocado on toast fans!), then I am most likely working from my sofa, fluffy socks on my feet, a coffee going cold on the table (because I forgot I made one again!) and Gilmore Girls on the tv.




“As an ex-performer, I’ve been on the front end of the camera many times in the past myself - I know how scary it can feel!”


As soon as I took up photography and started snapping anyone who’d let me, hearing and seeing the surprise in peoples voices and faces as they shouted “oh my god, I LOVE that shot” (of themselves, I might add), when showing off the back of the camera in the middle of a session, I knew I wanted to make more people feel that way about themselves. Which is why I offer so many photography packages!

Wanting someone who will make you comfortable and at ease in front of the camera on your Wedding Day? Someone who feels like a friend and not a stranger to share in those precious moments with you and your new Bride/Groom? Then I’m your girl!
Been wanting to update your company Branding and finally change those “About Me” photos on your website? Or just starting a new biz but no idea how to pad out your Instagram feed? I got you!
Maybe you’re fresh out of college and feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of starting the fearful “Portfolio” and want some help with posing and styling!? Well I’ve been on that side of the camera too (once upon a time), so I know the feeling! Fight the fear and let’s go have some fun!